Our Original Brake PadGAB

Ultimately reliable “braking feel”

GAB project series 04THE TRUCK & FOR VAN

High-spec brake pad for trucks and vans

This innovative brake pad is the result of a combination of the experience of the Chinese manufacturer who has gained extensive knowledge of the performance requirements of vehicles traveling across the vastness of the Chinese mainland together with the precise know-how cultivated by the Japanese manufacturer. Experience the excellent durability and braking power required for commercial vehicles.

  • High-quality
  • Asbestos free
  • High braking performance
  • Dust control

We started the GAB project for developing and supplying products with higher safety and better cost performance in line with Japanese standards.
This project is joint R&D between Adachi Brake, an trusted company operating in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Ibaraki prefectures since 1954, and GLORY, a pioneer in production of brake parts based in Guangdong Province, China.
GLORY is a trusted brand with a network of brake parts development, production, and sales not only in China but also all over the world.

Compatibility Table

NO Part number Manufacture Applicable model
1 ABG-617WK Elf, Dutro XZU404 NKR81 May 2004 model -
2 ABG-627WK Dyna, Dutro XZU308 XZU334 May 2004 model -
3 ABG-633K Vanette, Bongo SK82VN SKF2TN June 1999 model -
4 ABG-665WK Caravan NV350 VWE25 August 2007 model -
5 ABG-682K Canter FB70B FD70B July 2004 model -
6 ABG-700K Canter FE83C FE73D February 2004 model -
7 ABG-701K Canter FE73B FE82B April 2004 model -
8 ABG-707K Hiace KDH200 TRH200 August 2004 model -
9 ABG-721WK Elf NKR81 NKR85 May 2004 model -
10 ABG-748K Dyna, Dutro XZC605 645 655 June 2011 model -
11 ABG-752WK Atlas TZ2F24 TZ3F24 June 2007 model -
12 ABG-767WK Vanette NV200 May 2009 model -
13 ABG-770K Canter FB70B FD70B May 2009 model -
14 ABG-774WK Canter FE74B FE71D May 2009 model -
15 ABG-775WK Canter FE70B FE71B May 2009 model -
16 ABG-779WK Canter FBA00 November 2010 model -
17 ABG-780WK Canter FEA20 FEB20 November 2010 model -
18 ABG-781WK Canter FBA20 FEA70 November 2010 model -
19 ABG-782WK Canter FBA20 FEA70 November 2010 model -
20 ABG-799WK Elf NJR85 NLR85 April 2013 model -
21 ABG-800WK Elf NMR85 NKR85 February 2006 model -